Kristof Braekman

modern klassiek speciaal
After 25 years of professional experience I am able to turn my hand to a lot of things.
Indeed, I have been constructing a large spectrum of stringed instruments and strum instruments for about 25 years now.
Violins, violas, cellos, viols, lutes, mandolins, guitars (classical, western, semi-acoustic, jazz and electric), gambas and occasionally a digression towards ethnical instruments. In my profession I tend to be like a top-class sportsman; to give everything in order to achieve the best results.
I use traditional techniques as well as modern technologies.
In my atelier constructions or repairs have been done for: I Fiamminghi, The Philharmonic Orchestra, Bart Peeters, Philip Cathérine, Dirk Van der Linden, Marijn De Valck, Stef Bos, Circus Ronaldo, K's Choice, De Kreuners, Kommilfoo and hundreds of other musicians.
I am the main repairman of guitars for four important music stores in Antwerp.
People often inquire about the cost of a certain mending on the phone.
These kind of questions are as difficult to answer as the question: 'Doctor, something is wrong with me, how much will it cost to get well?'
I can only estimate the number of working hours I'll need after I have actually seen the instrument. Then I can make a price. I have experienced that my charges are about 30% beneath the average prices, thanks to my swift way of working and my craftsmanship.